Lindsay Tarpley

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Lindsay Tarpley - Professional Soccer Player
Born: 09/22/1983
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI
Resides: Hermosa Beach, CA
Nickname: "Trap"
Quote: "Every time I shower or wash my face, I apply a moisturizer with an SPF (usually a 30+). Then, about a half an hour before I get on the field, I apply sunscreen."

Quick Facts

  • Lindsay has been a fixture on the U.S. Women's National Team since 2003 and helped earn a gold medal at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.
  • Before the age of 21, Lindsay had already scored two of the most important goals in American Soccer history. In 2002, she rebounded her own shot and scored a sudden death point against Canada, to give the U.S. their first ever U-19 FIFA Championship. In the 2004 Athens Olympics, Tarpley scored the first goal of the gold medal game, which the U.S. went on to win.
  • ESPN Rise named Lindsay the girls' soccer Player of the Decade (in 2009) for her impact on future generations of Michigan soccer players
  • When not on the field, Lindsay likes spending time with her husband and has passions for helping children, teaching, coaching, modeling, and fashion, as well as supporting cancer and HIV/AIDS research.

Reason for Joining Team SCF

Sun protection and skin cancer awareness has always been important to Lindsay, never more so than when several close family members were recently diagnosed with the disease. Lindsay would like to use Team SCF as a platform to educate people - especially those who are young - on sun safety.