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6 Cities in the Books; 15 to Go!

By Victoria Kopec • September 19, 2023
Destination Healthy Skin RV in Chicago

Destination Healthy Skin August Update

It’s been a busy August for Destination Healthy Skin! We’ve traveled halfway around the country, providing free skin cancer screenings and education to hundreds of people in half a dozen cities. And we’re not nearly done yet! We’ll be traveling to 15 more from September to November. Check our schedule to see if we’ll be visiting your neck of the woods this year.

As of September 11, we have held 16 events, where 23 volunteer dermatologists have provided 370 free skin exams. The doctors identified 57 potential skin cancers and precancers, including 4 suspected melanomas. The dermatologists also found 49  atypical moles, a risk factor for melanoma. Those participants with atypical moles were cautioned to keep a close eye on their skin.

These powerful numbers are only part of the story. Perhaps even more significant, many of the people we’ve met have explained that if it weren’t for Destination Healthy Skin coming to town, they would not have gotten a skin exam. And some of our volunteer doctors have told us that by performing these free screenings, they may have saved a life.

Skin Cancer Doesn’t Take a Vacation. Neither Do We.

We kicked off in New York City on August 1, with three full days of skin cancer screenings, education and giveaways. Then we headed to Buffalo, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis, where we closed out the month at the Minnesota State Fair.

Young Detroiters showing completed sun safe artwork

These young Detroiters were all smiles as they showed off their sun-safe artwork.

August Highlights

In Chicago, a man named Barry and his daughter rode their bikes to the RV to tell us how thrilled they were to see us doing free screenings in the neighborhood. Barry explained that he lost his father to melanoma, and he knows all too well how important it is to spread awareness about skin cancer prevention and early detection. Another neighborhood resident, Silvia, was worried about a spot that had recently appeared on her back. She was grateful to get it looked at and was relieved to hear a dermatologist tell her that the spot was not a concern.

The Minnesota State Fair was a lively event, with a long line of participants. Our volunteer dermatologist, Dr. Tareen, called a colleague for backup. In just three and a half hours, the two dermatologists screened 51 people. Quite a busy day!

Dr Holzwarth, PA Carla, Dr Tareen in Minneapolis

Our volunteer team in Minnesota: Ryan Holzwarth, MD, Carla Solomon, PA-C and Mohiba Tareen, MD, of Tareen Dermatology.

Providing a Public Service & Peace of Mind

Everywhere we stop, people are grateful for the educational information and free sun protection and skin care products. They’re also  eager to get answers to their questions about skin health.

Here’s what some of our participants had to say about their experience:

I’m fair skinned, already had a basal cell carcinoma on my face removed by Mohs, and the sun seems more dangerous than ever! Thanks for the peace of mind.”

“This was a chance to be in control of my health and wellbeing.” 

“I appreciate the free screening. It was my first and a great experience.”

“It was an amazing and thorough examination. Staff are very informative, diligent and attentive.”

Heading Westward in September

We travel to Kansas City on Labor Day weekend for two full days of screenings, then head west to Colorado, Utah and Idaho, before finishing out the month in beautiful San Francisco. By late September, we reach the halfway point in the journey, with an expected 500+ screenings in the books.

All Because of You

Every mile we travel makes a difference in the fight against skin cancer. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for keeping this lifesaving program on the road.

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Here are some of our favorite photos so far. Stay tuned for more updates on the places we go, the people we meet and the amazing stories we hear!

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