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Ali is the Marketing Communications Manager for The Skin Cancer Foundation. She is originally from Upstate New York, but relocated to Manhattan after graduating from Lehigh University. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2016, Ali worked as a health and science journalist, covering everything from neuroscience to fitness fads. When she’s not writing about sun protection and skin cancer, she’s probably reading a fantasy novel, sampling the pasta at a local restaurant or planning her next trip.

3 Reasons Why Your Sunscreen Isn’t Working

From application mistakes to old products, there are sneaky ways your sunscreen can go from effective to inadequate. Learn three common reasons your sunscreen isn’t performing.

Summer Vacation Slipups: How to Treat a Sunburn

If you’re heading to the beach this summer (or even just spending time in your own backyard!), make sure you know how to avoid sunburns in the first place — but also what to do if you do sustain one.

How Dangerous is Melanoma? It’s All a Matter of Timing

You might already know that catching a cancer early means a more favorable prognosis. But it can be difficult to comprehend just how big a difference early detection makes with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Melanoma should never be underestimated, but treating a tumor early rather than after it is allowed to progress could be lifesaving.

The Dangers of Doctor Google

When you’re searching for medical information, whether about skin cancer or any condition, follow these steps for credible, helpful advice!

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