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Ask the Expert: Mole Mapping

The term “mole mapping” most commonly refers to the monitoring process for a patient who is at a high-risk for developing melanoma.

Ask the Expert: Stop Cancer Before It Starts

I noticed a small scaly patch on my forehead. It seems like dry skin, but sometimes it’s itchy and forms a little scab when I scratch it. I’ve had it for a while. Should I see a doctor just for that?

Do I Have Skin Cancer?

You learn that a friend has skin cancer and you instantly start to worry. After all, you grew up together; you spent your summers on the beach, often competing to see who had the “best color.” If he has skin cancer, you are at risk too, right? Before you panic, ask yourself the following questions.

Defining Skin Cancer

Even with my background in beauty and skin health, words like dysplastic nevus and metastatic are not words I have used every day and can be worrisome when you hear them used in your dermatologist’s office. So, for my first blog post, I thought I’d share some of my recently acquired knowledge with our readers.

How Dangerous is Melanoma? It’s All a Matter of Timing

You might already know that catching a cancer early means a more favorable prognosis. But it can be difficult to comprehend just how big a difference early detection makes with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Melanoma should never be underestimated, but treating a tumor early rather than after it is allowed to progress could be lifesaving.

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like? How to Perform a Self-Exam, and What to Look For

The desire to avoid unpleasant symptoms and medical costs is a good enough motivator for many of us to develop healthy habits. In the hope that it will prevent illness, we eat well, exercise, wash our hands and take vitamins. Avoiding skin cancer is no exception — we wear sunscreen, seek the shade and cover up with clothing to reduce our risk of developing the disease. Unfortunately, though, even those with the most diligent sun protection regimen aren’t immune.

Embrace Your Scars

Our expert dermatologists tell how to nurture a new scar to get the best outcome — and, if needed, how to fix an old scar to make it look better.