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By Victoria Kopec • March 14, 2024
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Imagine this: You’re on your way home from work when your dermatologist calls with bad news. You have squamous cell carcinoma, a skin cancer, and need to schedule surgery to remove it.

Once the news sinks in, you mobilize your online research. What is squamous cell carcinoma? Is skin cancer dangerous? Does skin cancer spread? What happens during skin cancer treatment?  You want credible answers, and you want them fast.

That’s where we come in.

No matter where you are – on the way back from work searching for answers, in your dermatologist’s office reading educational brochures, or looking for support on social media – The Skin Cancer Foundation is there for you.  For more than 45 years, we’ve worked to empower you with the facts and resources you need to take a proactive approach to skin cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. Your First Stop for Skin Cancer Information

In 2023, nearly 11 million people visited That’s about 30,000 web visitors a day! It is often the first stop for people newly diagnosed with skin cancer. And while motivations may differ, at the heart of it all, people go to our website for accurate skin cancer information, presented in a clear, easy to understand manner.

“The Foundation’s website is an unparalleled resource for reliable and factual skin cancer information and has helped me immensely through multiple skin cancer battles.” – Ronald L.

140+ web pages: shines a spotlight on all aspects of the world’s most common cancer, with comprehensive clinical content written and reviewed by experts. Whether you’re looking for warning signs and details about specific types of the disease, or skin cancer photos, or guidance on risk factors, early detection, sun protection and recommended products, or treatment information, we’ve got you covered.

330+ blog posts: Part of, our Sun & Skin News blog explores every healthy skin-related topic under the sun, answers lifestyle questions about sun protection and skin health, and includes patient stories, celebrity interviews and advice from our physician experts.

“I especially enjoy the Sun & Skin News blog for the courageous and inspirational stories of survival.” – Chrissy C. 

Patient support resources: Our Robins Nest online support program helps patients and caregivers find help for specific needs related to health care access, medication safety, coping support and other services. The goal is to point you in the right direction and connect you with a  curated collection of internal and external resources, so that you can make the right decisions for your situation.

Translated in 8 languages: Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese, Russian, Greek or Chinese, the website is available in the language that serves you best.



Optimized for accessibility: Our site uses the principles of inclusive design to provide accessible content for people who have vision or hearing loss, and those who use voice control for navigation. 

“As a practicing Mohs surgeon, I commend The Skin Cancer Foundation team on the very rich educational content that it produces both on the website and social media!”
Vitaly Terushkin, MD, FACMS

Social Media: Creating Community for You

Beyond the education we offer, people follow us on social media because they want to connect with other skin cancer warriors, caregivers and healthy skin advocates. Our active, engaged communities share our posts, graphics, images, videos and stories to help us reach more people and save more lives. Our community thrives on skin cancer education, and followers from all over the world support one another, participate in polls and provide feedback on topics ranging from sun protection to survivorship.


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“The skin cancer information you share is VERY helpful. I like the preventative posts because I always learn something new.”
Judy E., Facebook follower

The Skin Cancer Foundation Newsletter: Skin Health News and Tips

Our monthly enewsletter delivers the latest skin cancer news and updates, including everything you need to know about prevention, early detection, warning signs and treatment. Each issue focuses on a trending topic and includes relevant blog posts, skin health news, tips and shareable content.




Patient Education Brochures: Easy to Understand Print Materials

Every day, the Foundation’s print education materials are shipped to medical offices, health clinics, schools and community centers across the country. Doctors rely on our brochures and posters to explain the basics of skin cancer prevention, early detection and treatment to the public. We also create materials for specific audiences, including educational information for parents of young children and people of color. We work closely with member dermatologists to break down confusing medical terminology so we can provide you with helpful and digestible information.

“Our dermatology practice ordered the posters to go in each of our exam rooms in our clinic. I particularly liked the modern graphic design of the poster and the relevant educational information for patients.” -Alicia Cool, MD

The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal: An Annual Magazine Focused on You

The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal features our award-winning design along with content for patients (and doctors) who care deeply about skin health. The magazine also highlights our programs and events, as well as our members and donors who support us in the fight against the world’s most common cancer. Published in May, the Journal goes to every dermatologist in the U.S., plus extras for our member physicians to distribute directly to their patients who need them most.

Download a free digital edition of the 2023 Journal.

The 2024 issue will be published in May. Our theme, “Finding Your Balance,” resonates in this era of extremes. We all want to balance work, wellness, weather, fun, family, friends — and skin health. We want you to know your risk for skin cancer and how to be proactive about prevention (but still bask in nature’s beauty), early detection (keep an eye on your skin!) and prompt treatment (for those who need it). We want you to feel good in your skin no matter what, and we’re here to help!


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