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A Dermatologist on a Mission

By Victoria Silecchia • March 31, 2017

When I joined the Foundation several months ago, I quickly learned of Dr. Deborah Sarnoff. As I pored over skin cancer research, read up on the history of the Foundation and its important education programs and reviewed countless news articles, I saw her influence everywhere. She started Heads Up!, a program where member dermatologists teach hairstylists about skin cancer and its warning signs so they can give clients a “heads up” if they see a suspicious mole. In her former role as senior vice president of the Foundation and as a key contributor of educational material, she has written countless articles and brochures over the years. Heck, she even took on the tremendous (seemingly impossible) feat to convince the stars of Jersey Shore to give up tanning. It quickly became evident to me that Dr. Sarnoff’s commitment to this cause isn’t just part of her job as a dermatologist; educating others about the dangers of UV exposure and reducing skin cancer incidence is Dr. Sarnoff’s mission in life.

Late last year when Skin Cancer Foundation Founder Dr. Perry Robins stepped down as President of the organization, it seemed only fitting that Dr. Sarnoff would be named his successor. She recently sat down with the ASCO Post (a publication of the American Society of Clinical Oncology) to share her vision as President for carrying out the Foundation’s, “three-part mission: to prevent skin cancer; detect skin cancer early when it is most curable; and provide information about treatment options.”

You can read Dr. Sarnoff’s interview with the ASCO Post here. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Dr. Sarnoff’s team and to see how her passion and commitment help us move closer to a world without skin cancer.