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Groundhog Day Kick Off: Follow Our Winter Skin Care Series

By Becky Kamowitz • February 1, 2023

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite holidays.

I know. It’s weird. I get a lot of blank stares when I say that to people.

I love the pageantry around it; waking up on February 2, finding out if Punxsutawney Phil or Staten Island Chuck (a local favorite here in New York) saw their shadows. The collective groan across America after the nearly inevitable announcement of six more weeks of winter. (Fun Fact: Phil has predicted a long winter more than 100 times and an early spring less than two dozen times).

Clearly I'm not the only one who loves Groundhog Day. Clearly I’m not the only one who loves Groundhog Day. A photo of the festivities.

I’m also one of those people that actually loves winter, even after the holidays are over. Summer brings humidity. It means not using my oven from May to September, and being extra cautious about protecting my fair skin from intense summer sun.

But winter? Winter means spending time at home, baking delicious treats and cuddling up on the sofa to binge on Netflix.

Alas, I can’t spend the entire winter burrowing like Phil the groundhog.

I have to go outside, which means exposure to cold, harsh weather that can wreak havoc on my skin.

So today, in honor of the groundhog, prognosticator of prognosticators, we’re kicking off our winter skin care series, where we share some of the tried and true ways to keep skin healthy and beautiful during the winter months. We’ll go beyond the standard tips and dive into the specific – and maybe just a little surprising – ways you can keep your skin safe this season.

We’ll keep it simple for today, and share something we never get tired of telling people: wear sunscreen every day, no matter the weather, or how much time you plan to spend outdoors. Look for one that says ‘broad spectrum’ on the label – that means it protects against UVA and UVB radiation. An SPF 15 or higher is good for everyday use, but use an SPF 30 or higher if you know you’ll be spending extended time outside. To avoid winter dryness, choose a product with a moisturizing ingredient like lanolin or glycerin.  Apply two tablespoons to all exposed skin, and be sure to reapply every two hours if you’re spending the day outdoors, even if you are wearing a mask.

Stay tuned for more tips. Happy Groundhog Day!

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